Policeman or Policewoman sex play

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    Pretend… a lonely but very hot and horny housewife just got home. But with her husband away, she thinks her bedroom was broken into. Who would break into her underwear drawer and steal her sexy new Victoria’s Secret lingerie? She needs a detective! But when he arrives she realizes they weren’t stolen, just misplaced.

    But concerned the real underwear may have really been stolen and replaced with fake items, the detective suggests she try on all her negligee to verify they are the real clothing. After all, he tells her, there is a rash of crimes in the neighborhood of that kind.

    After she puts on her favorite, sexiest see through panties and bra, he can no longer hide his erection! The voluptuous beauty asks to try on his handcuffs, and the words “spread ’em” take on a whole new meaning!

    Have you tried role playing as a policeman or policewoman? Handcuffs and baton preferred, but definitely not needed! Share your play sex experiences with others!



    This is our fav role playing game, we try a lot of ideas, but we do it with a woman as the cop! This way the empowered woman is in a position of authority and the things we can do with our baton…really tho the strip search is the best part! I’m getting horny again just thinking about it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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