Have Virtual Sex with 3D Porn Stars

  1. Virtual sex world lets you romp with 3D porn stars in VR  

    Now you can finally enter a vast virtual reality world of smut to live out your kinkiest fantasies with your favorite porn stars. “Vrxcity” bills itself as an online world populated with your fave adult film actresses, including Asa Akira, Bonnie Rotten, and Jessica Drake among others.

    Just put on a VR headset and go to places like virtual sex shops, strip clubs and brothels where XXX adult porn stars will role play as prostitutes and strippers. Users of the site can also create their own erotic smut for others to experience.

    Adult film studios and retailers that have signed up with Vrxcity include Wicked Pictures, AdultEmpire and GayEmpire, and amateur kink site Iwantclips.com.

    The Sun

Why it’s more important to have casual sex than you think

  1. Why it’s more important to have casual sex than you think  

    Society has conditioned us to believe that sex has to have an emotional meaning to be good, but it’s perfectly normal you’d want to explore a more casual situation, and casual sex can help you discover what you do and don’t like as well as explore different sexual tastes that you might not in a more serious relationship.

    Thisisinsider.com says it’s perfectly OK to want to explore casual sex with plenty of benefits for those who want to engage, “You can discover a lot about yourself; what you like and don’t like, what works for you,” says Gigi Engle, a sex educator and writer, “It’s a great way to meet interesting people and explore different sexual tastes you might not otherwise.”

    There are risks associated with any sexual situation, but Engle says, “We live in a society that has conditioned us to think sex has to have emotional meaning to be good, when you’ve been told having casual sex makes you a slut or if he, or she, doesn’t call you after, you’re worthless. Well, this can sting.”

    “Condoms… during penetration is not up for negotiation,” Engle added. “Yes, I do mean condoms during blow jobs and dental dams during oral sex. The fact of the matter is that 85 percent of people have some form of HPV (not to mention all the other STIs).”

    But casual sex might not be for everyone. Just like every other type of sex, from pegging to role play, What works for some may not work for others. “Having sex in a way that makes you feel good about yourself is the most important.” Engle said.


Forget role playing! experts say these pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual stamina

  1. Forget role play – these 4 pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual prowess, experts say 

    The pelvic floor muscles act as a trampoline that stretches from the tailbone to the pubic bone, and spans the width between the sitting bones. Besides acting like a “floor” to the pelvis and supporting its organs (bladder, bowel and uterus in women, bladder and bowel in men) they also play a big role in penetrative sex.

    Experts say when people work of these muscles, they get stronger and bulkier, which, in turn, can make sex much more satisfying.

    “This can also impact how erect a penis is and it’s blood flow — whether it’s a pumping sensation or a static sensation,” said personal trainer Michelle Weber.

    Exercises people can do to strengthen their pelvic floor and boost their sex lives include ; Pelvic floor elevator, Toe taps, Dead bug and the Hypoppressive technique .

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