For many people, sexual satisfaction mostly resides between their ears and not between their legs

  1. MKE SEX: Talking about your “intelli-sexual” needs  

    Letter from MKE Sex online sexual help column:

    “My g-spot will take me so far, my clit a bit further, but for those earth shattering moments where the stars move and rainbows and unicorns pour forth from the heavens, my brain has got to be involved.


    All sexual response starts as a chemical reaction in the brain, working its intracranial magic in as little as 0.4 seconds after seeing someone or something that is desirable. The brain is deeply involved throughout sexual stimulation, orgasm and the sweet, glowing period immediately following sex.

    Advice to help a woman reach orgasm Milwaukee Record

I experience little to no pleasure from sex

  1. When It Feels Like Something is Missing From Sex 

    Certified Intimacy Educator & Sex Coach, Stella Harris, at answers a question from someone who says he feels nothing when having sex, also saying, “I’ve found that in a meaningful relationship, or a casual one, when I have sex I feel nothing. Almost empty. ”

    Among other potential causes, Harris answers him, “Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is whether you’d like to be having sex.” Adding, “all of the experts I reached out to on this topic addressed the possibility of asexuality.”

    She continues, “If sex play is something you decide to continue exploring, start with a broader definition of sex. Keep penetration off the table for a while and find other things that feel good. Start by exploring your own body, and if there’s a partner in the mix take a step back and discover other ways to experience intimacy and pleasure, maybe sticking with snuggling or massage until you can answer some of these questions for yourself.

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5 Things That Can Impact Women’s Orgasms says that if you want to keep your sex life steamy, then you better pay attention to the following random, science-backed factors that will increase your chances of catching that elusive orgasm:

1) FLIRTY SEXTS says women who had orgasms more frequently were more likely to swap flirty calls and emails with their partner about something naughty they wanted to do later.

The online women’s portal said according to research, how well you communicate in your relationship also plays a big role in the likelihood of reaching orgasm, “Explicit and direct communication with one’s partner is key.”

A 2016 study published by ‘Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology’ found that your sexual self-esteem is more important for your orgasms than how often you masturbate, or how many sex partners you have.

Many women that have orgasms have learned how to “concentrate completely” whilelove-making.

How satisfied you are with your relationship is tied to your odds of reaching orgasm.

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