People are using ‘FaceApp’ to see what they would look like as the opposite sex

  1. People are still using FaceApp to see what they’d look like as a person of the opposite gender  

    Interest is increasing in Facial morphing app FaceApp, which uses neural networks to create photorealistic facial transformations. It is now the second-most popular photography app on Google Play in the U.S.

    The app can alter your image to look older or younger, and male or female.


Forget role playing! experts say these pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual stamina

  1. Forget role play – these 4 pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual prowess, experts say 

    The pelvic floor muscles act as a trampoline that stretches from the tailbone to the pubic bone, and spans the width between the sitting bones. Besides acting like a “floor” to the pelvis and supporting its organs (bladder, bowel and uterus in women, bladder and bowel in men) they also play a big role in penetrative sex.

    Experts say when people work of these muscles, they get stronger and bulkier, which, in turn, can make sex much more satisfying.

    “This can also impact how erect a penis is and it’s blood flow — whether it’s a pumping sensation or a static sensation,” said personal trainer Michelle Weber.

    Exercises people can do to strengthen their pelvic floor and boost their sex lives include ; Pelvic floor elevator, Toe taps, Dead bug and the Hypoppressive technique .

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Lie detectors sent 160 sex offenders back to jail in the UK

  1. Lie detectors have been used to send 160 sex offenders back to prison  

    Lie detectors have been used to send 160 sex offenders back to prison, according to the Ministry of Justice of the United Kingdom.

    Probation officers have sent paedophiles and convicted sex offenders back behind bars after raising concerns about their behavior, or the answers they gave during polygraph tests.

    The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) started using lie detectors on convicted sex offenders in August 2014 and around 50 people are tested on the machines every month.

Can certain types of food boost your sex drive?

  1. How can you boost your sex drive?  

    London nutritionist Lily Soutter examined scientific evidence on aphrodisiacs, and found that there is little suggesting that eating certain foods will boost your libido, but managing stress and not drinking too much alcohol can help to get you in the mood.

    Studies found no significant differences in sexual arousal for those who consumed chocolate daily versus those who did’t.

    Wine was thought to help you think sexy thoughts, but evidence said this could just be because it lowers your inhibitions.

    Oysters are probably the most famous aphrodisiac because they are rich in zinc, a critical mineral for the production of sperm and testosterone, but there aren’t many studies directly linking zinc to sexual health.

    Soutter concluded that there’s little evidence linking edible aphrodisiac to libido, and more research is needed before making conclusions.

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