Bella Thorne, Former Disney Child Star, Joins OnlyFans to Sell Nude Photos

Bella Thorne, Former Disney Child Star, Joins OnlyFans
Former Disney child star Bella Thorne opened an account on OnlyFans, a subscription based social media site that does not censor content.

Former Disney child star Bella Thorne, 22, announced on Instagram that she had opened an account on OnlyFans, a subscription based social media site that does not censor content and allows members to post nude photos and videos.

Bella Thorne posted a video on Instagram to promote her OnlyFans account, wearing two piece bikinis and a necklace that reads in big letters, ‘SEX.’ In the sexy Bella Thorne video, the star of her own 2019 porn movie ‘Her & Him’ provided a link for her fans to subscribe to her new account.

Bella said that she will finally have full control of her images without censorship. Explaining in an interview with Paper magazine, Thorne said, “OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgment, and without being bullied online for being me.”

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Thorne found new fame when she previously posted her own nude photos after she was threatened by a hacker, then made her own featured length hardcore porn movie she released on PornHub, for a fee. Talking about her new OnlyFans account, Bella said, “It’s FINALLY my decision to decide how I interact with my fans.”

Bella Thorne is charging $20 a month for access to her new OnlyFans account.

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