Why Role Playing is So Hot For Some People

June 27, 2019 – Sexy nurses, firefighters, schoolgirls… why is role-playing so hot to some people, but not for everyone? A clinical psychologist and an intimacy coach explained to Elite Daily what kind of person tends to be most inclined toward role play scenarios, and what needs role playing can help fulfill. So, if you are curious about why some people are really into role-playing while others are not, here is what they said:

1. Role play allows you to escape from reality

Role play escapes reality but stays safe - PlaySex.com
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Role-play is really just an opportunity to escape our own reality. Labeling it so gives you permission to act in ways dramatically different from your own real self. Whether or not you will enjoy role playing depends on your own comfort level and how comfortable you are with stepping outside of your norm, and how comfortable you are with your sexual partner.

If you think your sex partner will be supportive and engage with you in role playing, then you’ll have opportunities for intimacy that you wouldn’t normally experience. But if you’re afraid, or if you think your partner wouldn’t fully be into it, then role playing can become stressful and a sexual turn-off.

2. Role play can get you out of your comfort zone

Role play can get you out of your comfort zone - PlaySex.com
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Generally, more risk seeking types of people with a strong sense of self-esteem, and people who are less sexually inhibited are more likely to be drawn towards role-playing. People with experience transforming themselves into other characters – actors, performers, athletes, singers, are usually more turned on by role playing.

3. Role play can fulfill your needs and desires

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The most popular roles to play usually fall into two types – people in power positions (like police officers), or more inhibited characters (librarians). By giving the authority in role play to the more innocent roles, you can create stronger fantasies. Regardless of how shy or outspoken you are in real life, you can experiment with both submissive and dominant characters through role-playing. Sexually fulfilling role-playing could all just come down to doing what’s missing in your life, or what you are craving.

4. Role play can still be intimate

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As long as both partners embrace role-play, it can be a powerful tool to enhance long term, committed relationships. So before beginning a new sex play adventure, talk to your partner so you can both agree to test out a specific fantasy. Because while you may be comfortable with trying a new scenario, your partner might not be. Don’t force it, otherwise you run the risk making it an anxious or very negative experience.

The experts say, find a starting point where both of you are reasonably comfortable. Sharing the experience of pretending to be somebody else can bring you closer together. As your experience together gets more enjoyable, the roles can expand. Experts also agree it’s a “huge turn-on” when both you and your partner are super into what’s happening.

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Role play in foreplay enhances sexual experience

A user question in the column ‘Putting Dr G on the spot’” in the “health & wellness section of the Enquirer.net, a recently married women trying to conceive is concerned about her husband’s sexual performance. She wrote, “I think my husband is nervous and anxious, especially due to pressure from the family to have a baby. He tends to rush into the “business” and this can be a turn off for me, resulting in disappointment.”

“I initiated sex a few times, asking him to focus on foreplay and take things slower. I even suggested role-play in the foreplay to help us relax…My husband was excited with the whole idea, but simply clueless of where to start… what scenario would be best for role-play for beginners like us?

Dr.George Lee, a consultant Urologist and Clinical Associate Professor, answered that sexual role-play during foreplay is generally a good way to overcome such inhibition.

“Foreplay is generally considered intimate behavior between couples to generate emotional and physical readiness for sexual activities” Dr. G responded, “The initiation is by far the most important step in foreplay… The process can begin with non-physical gesture of whispering, teasing and flirting to generate sexual interests.”

Dr. G said it’s not uncommon for inexperienced newlywed couples to have sexual intimacy problems due to shyness and inhibitions, and since these sexual inhibitions can create a negative impact, certain people can feel uncomfortable and even think acts of kissing and caressing are intrusive. “Role play in foreplay is generally a good way to overcome such inhibition.”, Dr. George said.

He explained, “Physiologically, role-play of different scenario creates certain levels of confidence and trust between couples to intensify intimacy. Role-play can have strong erotic elements, involving couples to act out roles in sexual fantasy. Typical fantasy would be medical fetishism of doctor and nurse, or office scenario of executive and secretary.”

“The success of role-play in foreplay to enhance sexual experience is only achievable when both parties are willing to communicate and explore.”

The doctor quoted former NBA professional basketball player Michael Jordan, saying, “Just play, have fun and enjoy the game!”

Dr. G’s advice on role playing: “Just play, have fun and enjoy each other!”

How to revive your sex life

How to revive your sex life  Pune Mirror

The start of a new year is as good a time as any to make sex fun once again.

The Pune Mirror says to look at sex differently, try and look at it in a new way and see how it feels. “Be upfront about your sexual needs. If you know your body and how it functions, it is easier to communicate with your partner.”

Don’t be afraid to try role playing, new sexual positions, and get physical. And don’t be too shy to try new sex toys.

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Why Is Role Play So Hot?

  1. Why Is Role Play So Hot?  

    Role playing is a game, you choose a character you want to be and your partner plays the adjoining role with the idea of getting totally into that character. It’s almost like making your own porno, so pretending to be in one could even be the next, or first, role play scenario you can try.

    Role playing sex is a break from normal. A chance for you to explore your sexual fantasies and kinks outside of your normal sex routine, allowing you to become anyone you want, and do anything you want to do during sex play. Whether you act like a sexy couple from a movie, a sports star and cheerleader, or a handyman and a hot housewife, anything is possible when you’re role playing. And during role play sex you can talk dirty, and anything that turns you on with your lover, saying sexy things you probably would never say on a regular sex night.

    And you get to play dress up! One of the hottest things about role play sex is you have total control over the ‘scene’. You can role play by simply taking on a certain character and talking dirty to each other,or you can also choose to have more elaborate scenes – ones with costumes and gear.


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