Rachel McAdams Plays Lesbian Sex with Rachel Weisz

  1. Rachel McAdams Lesbian Play Sex Scene with Rachel Weisz Had an Energy She Never Felt With Male Actors  

    Rachel McAdams’ favorite sex scene wasn’t in The Notebook, the gorgeous actress recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she had the best play sex ever with female actress Rachel Weisz on the set of her new movie ‘Disobedience’.

    Playing lesbian lovers forced to hide their relationship from their Orthodox Jewish community, the 39 year young Rachel McAdams said the filming of the movie’s sex scene, “felt so integral to the plot and moving the story forward. The characters need this release to open up… There was energy to that scene that I haven’t experienced in any other sex scenes [with men] in my career.”

    So is Rachel McAdams a lesbian? “We both felt safe and free”, McAdams said, “All those things that you love about being a woman… so I understand the attraction and appeal to that in a sexual context.”

    Racehl Weisz, also a producer of the film, said the play sex scene, “is a massively important and beautiful scene,” and added a little detail, saying “He [director Sebastián Lelio] made it clear everything he wanted: the wetness, me spitting in Rachel’s mouth, and a focus on Esti’s (Rachel McAdams’ character) orgasm”.

    Weisz’ character has an orgasm in the movie too, but she said she had to agree as a producer that even though it was a very good orgasm, it wasn’t as good for the story as Rachel McAdams’ orgasm.

    See the official trailer for Disobedience here, which includes a glimpse of the steamy lesbian kiss Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz shared.

    “In that moment, Esti’s orgasm is both a sexual release and a metaphorical release to freedom, it’s like she’s free to find out who she really is.” Weisz said.


Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian and other Hot Celebrities That Said They Make Time for Sex

  1. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and More Celebs Who Say They Schedule Time for Sex 

    A story in usmagazine.com describes how many top Hollywood celebrities have to schedule time for sex play. For instance, Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard say they stay in constant communication about their sex life, “We’ll be like, ‘OK, it’s been how many days?’ We find a night when nobody is coming over and we don’t have to work super early in the morning, and then we slot it in.”

    Kim Kardashian told her sister Kendall Jenner, “The doctor said when I have sex I have to lay down for, like, 10 to 20 minutes, so I just had sex before you guys got here. He said it takes 10 minutes for a sperm to swim up there. I’m going to wait like 5 more minutes just for this to marinate inside of me.”

    Khloe Kardashian supposedly enlisted best friend to help her create an intercourse schedule around her ovulation calendar when she was trying to have a baby, and Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend schedules their sex life around her dishes.

    “Because I’m an overeater, when I eat, I eat. And I’m eating till I do not want to be seen or felt,” Chrissy revealed. “We’re so full and we eat very late, around 10:30 or 11 p.m., because my meals tend to take a very long time. So I cannot tell you the last time we had night sex. We’ve very much into, like, middle-of-the-night, morning and random daytime sex — because that’s how important food is.”

    And Desperate Housewives superstar Eva Longoria opened up about scheduling sex with her then husband in 2010. “I work three to four days a week [in Los Angeles] and then fly to Texas to spend a long weekend with Tony, this means we can only have sex on the weekends.”

     Us Weekly

How Trump Met Stormy Daniels

  1. When Trump Met Stormy Daniels: The Strange Story of Four Wild Days in Tahoe  

    A story printed in GQ described how Donald Trump had ended up having sex with adult sex star Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) while playing in a golf outing in Tahoe.

    It was the middle of the summer in 2006, Trump had just turned 60 when he decided to play in the annual American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe, along with other celebrities including Lance Armstrong, Dan Quayle, and Ray Romano, and a group of adult actresses sent as emissaries from the porn studio Wicked Pictures.

    According to the story, while Trump was golfing a practice round at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on Thursday, July 13, 2006, he “stole glances at one woman in particular — at least that’s how she’d recall it years later. A buxom blonde with Chanel sunglasses, she went by the stage name Stormy Daniels and she was then a rising star in the world of adult entertainment.”

    At some point that morning, Trump and Daniels found themselves riding together in the same golf cart. According to an interview Stormy Daniels later gave to InTouch, Donald Trump made it clear to her that he wanted to see more her, “I want to come talk to you later,” Trump allegedly said to her.

    Stormy Daniels said that was the weekend the two began their supposedly months long sex affair, that Trump denies.

    According to GQ, that same weekend Trump began his affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, and another porn star that he met there who came forward with the 2016 allegation that Trump kissed her and two friends without permission. Karen McDougal is currently suing the National Enquirer’s parent company, which paid her $150,000 and whose chief executive is a friend of President Trump’s.

    Stormy Daniels will be telling all in a 60 Minutes interview that CBS announced it would air on Sunday, March 25th. Even ex-reality TV star Donald Trump , who seems to think and act like he still is one, will probably be impressed with the ratings this broadcast will generate.

    What a weekend.

    Read the entire GQ story here.

    GQ Magazine

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