Why do some women call out “Daddy” during sex?

Is screaming “Daddy” during sex as weird as it sounds? According to The Sun Sex experts say that calling your partner Daddy in the bedroom is really just a sign of a loving and healthy relationship, but yelling the word is still sexual taboo.

Sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer told the magazine that using the nickname is just another form of role play sex, “You often find that women who like to be submissive in relationships, like the kind of women who’d call their partner ‘daddy’ in bed, are actually pretty high-powered in their day-to-day lives. Engaging in this role play is their way of letting go and giving in to vulnerability.”

Jacqueline added that fathers are caring, supportive and assertive, and by calling your partner “daddy” while lovemaking is about embracing those qualities in a relationship.

This role playing sexual scenario actually makes some women feel safe, loved and secure.

Vladimir Putin said Russian women can have sex with visiting World Cup tourists

Vladimir Putin said Russian women can have sex with visiting World Cup tourists 

Responding to a sex ban call by the head of the Russian parliamentary family committee, Tamara Pletnyova, 70, who said she hoped women would not date visiting fans and get pregnant, a Vladimir Putin spokesperson said otherwise.

Dmitry Peskov told reporters: ‘As for Russian women, they can, perhaps, decide it on their own. They are the best women in whole world.’

Pletnyova said young women should “get something clear in their heads regarding foreigners”, warning that Russian women could end up raising mixed-race children on their own, and referred to the ‘Children of the Olympics’ after the 1980 Moscow games.

Helpful Tips For Your First Time Playing in a Sex Club

  1. What to Expect Your First Time at a Sex Club  

    Contrary to what most people think about them, sex clubs can actually be quite varied, and a lot of fun! Often styled like a typical nightclub, sex clubs often include private areas with beds and other toys for sex play.

    Some things you should do, according to lifehacker.com, before you visit a club for the first time are:

    • Research Your Options – do you have to go through any necessary steps or pre-screening?
    • Familiarize Yourself with the Club’s Rules – most sexclubs will have a website where the rules are listed in detail.
    • Make Friends with the Staff – spend a few minutes chatting up the hosts, bar staff, or security
    • Figure out Your Own Rules – think about what sexual activities you’ll feel comfortable playing with
    • Bring Your Own Gear – lube, condoms, whatever..
    • Always Ask for Permission – know the participants sexual boundaries and limits
    • Clean Up After Yourself – it’s just good sex club etiquette
    • Check in with Yourself and Each Other – if you’re with a friend or partner check-in time at a specified time to see how you’re each doing.

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