In Role Play Fantasy Gone Wrong Two Men Break into Wrong Home with Machetes

In a play sex fantasy gone wrong two men wielding machetes broke into the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia.
How a role playing fantasy can go wrong: Make sure you know the address. In a sexual fantasy to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man, two men wielding machetes entered the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia.

In a play sex fantasy gone horribly wrong, two men wielding machetes entered the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia. The men quickly realized their mistake but not before the awakening homeowner removed his sleep apnea mask to see the two men, and their machetes.

The sexual role play fantasy, which entailed the client being tied up in his underwear and stroked with a broom, was arranged on FaceBook for a fee. But by the time the role playing event was supposed to happen the client had moved, and evidently he forgot to tell the men his new address.

At 6:15 am, the resident at the old address noticed a light was on in his kitchen, but thought it was turned on by a friend who drops by every morning to make coffee. After the hired men called out the client’s name, the new resident turned the lights on and saw the pair standing above his bed with the machetes, which were apparently props for the role playing scenario.

After realizing their error one of the role players said, “Sorry, mate”, and shook the new resident’s hand before leaving for the correct address, where they were arrested.

The judge in the case concluded that “the facts of the case are unusual. He was willing to pay $5,000 if it was ‘really good’.”

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Ruling the evidence did not suggest the men’s actions were intentional, the judge said, “They carried the machetes either as a prop or something to use in that fantasy. The fantasy was unscripted and there was discretion as to how it would be carried out.”

One of accused men’s lawyer said, “It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom. Entry was not with intent to intimidate.”

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