Is Sex Safe to Have in the Pool or Hot Tub?

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  1. Is It Safe To Have Sex In A Pool Or Hot Tub? Hand Jobs, Clitoris Sex Play OK, But Penetration?

    A board certified sexologist says some sexual activities are safe for pools and hot tubs, but not all. Dr. Megan Stubbs, who holds six degrees in biology and human sexuality, said in, “Manual sex like hand jobs and vulva or clitoris play are great in this aqueous environment. As far as penetrative (vaginal or anal) sex goes, I wouldn’t advise it.” Stubbs said that although having sex in pools, hot tubs or showers is often portrayed as fun and sexy, it’s “not as effortless or carefree as we have been led to believe.”

    According to Stubbs, it’s also a known fact that latex in condoms is susceptible to weakening from extreme hot and cold temperatures, therefore the temperature of the water in a hot tub could compromise a condom’s effectiveness.

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    Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, also said in that having sex in a pool or hot tub does not increase your risk of pregnancy or STIs, but “..the chemicals can weaken the latex or condom sheath and result in pregnancy or STIs due to perforations in the condom.”

    You can still get pregnant

    Stubbs also dais to elitedaily that although the water in a hot tub or pool may wash away your natural lubricant, it won’t going to rid your body of ejaculate. Having sex in water actually hinders your natural lubrication, which can lead to having more painful sex. “From the action of penetration, water will enter the vagina and wash away your natural lubrication and can potentially lead to microabrasions and painful sex.”

    If you already have a yeast infection the hot tub will likely make it worse

    And the chances of getting a UTI, yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis will increase.

    Stubbs said a “happy medium” would be to start out with some foreplay in the water and then move to dry land for the main event.

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