Over one third of Americans admit they have secret kinks and fetishes

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  • More than a third of Americans admit they have secret kinks and fetishes they want to indulge, but…  

    According to sex toy maker EdenFantasys, 40% of Americans claim to be a “kinky person”, 36% have a specific kink or fetish, and 27% of U.S. citizens that are currently in a relationship have a secret sex act they want to try, but haven’t asked their sex partner yet.


    After researching the sex lives of 2,000 people in the U.S., using sex toys is the most popular sex act, with 49% open to using them, EdenFantasys said.

    51% of people who admitted to having a particular fetish said that it takes at least a month for them, and sometimes much longer, to feel they’re brave enough to tell their partner.

    Daily Mail

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