Play Actor Barney The Dinosaur Now Operats a1 Tantric Sex Business?

  1. Man Who Played Barney The Dinosaur Now Runs Tantric Sex Business!  

    David Joyner, now 54, The man who used to play PBS’ barney the Dinosaur, now runs his own tantric sex business.

    For $350 Joyner has unprotected sex with his female massage clients after giving them a ritual bath, chakra balancing, and full-body pleasure.

    A description at Joyner’s Tantra Harmony website explains, “Connecting your mind, body and spirit together as one, in perfect harmony. Achieving a higher and more blissful state of awareness to your sexuality, and who you are as a spiritual being”.

    Joyner reportedly said that he penetrates his clients without protection because condoms “block the energy”, but he does provide his STD results, and asks that his clients do the same before engaging in sexual intercourse.

    Radar Online

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