Psychology Today: Most Americans Have Tried Unconventional Sex

girls and boys play sex

Sex is adult play. Like in any playground, there are many possibilities, none better or worse than the other. it doesn’t matter how adults “twist the sheets”. It’s play. It’s pleasure, and erotic pleasure is uniquely individual.

Psychology Today says that what passes for “conventional lovemaking” today for some – heterosexual kissing, cuddling, vaginal intercourse and maybe some oral sex, most Americans have played with sex in other ways.

Some of their more interesting findings were:

  • More than half of American women own at least one vibrator.
  • Most Americans lose their virginity in their late teens, mostly around 17 years old, which is just one or two years later than today’s grandparents did.
  • Premarital sex is universal, 95 percent of Americans were not virgins on their wedding nights.
  • 15 to 20 percent of American men patronize sex workers, prostitutes, at some point in their lives.
  • Eleven percent of Americans (around 30 million people) are not exclusively heterosexual.
  • Before age 50, 40 percent of Americans have experimented with oral-anal sex (analingus), penis-anus intercourse, sphincter massage, fingering or toy insertions.
  • Many Americans with chronic conditions and disabilities can’t play conventional sex roles and make love in other ways.
  • Many elderly lovers can’t accomplish intercourse, so they instead play sex with hand jobs, oral, toys, and even some other forms of kinky sex.
  • About 20 percent of American adults have had group sex, or engaged in threesomes, polyamory or swinging.
  • Indiana University researchers surveyed 2,021 American adults and found many enjoyed BDSM: spanking (30%), dominant/submissive role playing (22%), restraint (20%), whipping and flogging (13%). 43 percent had played sexually in public.
  • The number one erotic fantasy is to have sex with someone else other than one’s regular partner.

We all now must think long and hard before we label any sex play weird or deviant, there is no normal. So we must be careful when calling anything abnormal.

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