Sexy role play ideas for the bedroom

  1. Sexy role play ideas for the bedroom 

    Liberating for both partners, role-playing with a partner can be a great way to tap into sexual desires you otherwise wouldn’t try. When you’re in make-believe play sex mode, you can be anyone you want. If only feeling a little silly is the worst thing that could happen, then there’s certainly no reason for you not to try it!

    We already have what we need to try sexy role-playing, a healthy imagination full of sexual fantasies! Costumes and props can add to the fun but aren’t completely, it’s the story that counts.

    If you’re the only one into the role, pick a persona anyway! Try stepping into someone else’s shoes all by yourself and show your sex partner how easy it can be to change the dynamic in your lovemaking.

    Be whoever you like – a hot and sexy stripper, a naughty dominatrix, or a peeping Tom neighbor, and see where your sex play leads you. Your partner will more than likely play along.

    Remember, the main ingredient in sexy role play is just to have fun with it. Anything a little embarrassing happens? Laugh it off! It’s not only the key to a more enjoyable passionate play sex life, but when you can meet any obstacle with no judgment and have the ability to laugh it off, it will strengthen your relationship too.

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