I experience little to no pleasure from sex

  1. When It Feels Like Something is Missing From Sex 

    Certified Intimacy Educator & Sex Coach, Stella Harris, at wweek.com answers a question from someone who says he feels nothing when having sex, also saying, “I’ve found that in a meaningful relationship, or a casual one, when I have sex I feel nothing. Almost empty. ”

    Among other potential causes, Harris answers him, “Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is whether you’d like to be having sex.” Adding, “all of the experts I reached out to on this topic addressed the possibility of asexuality.”

    She continues, “If sex play is something you decide to continue exploring, start with a broader definition of sex. Keep penetration off the table for a while and find other things that feel good. Start by exploring your own body, and if there’s a partner in the mix take a step back and discover other ways to experience intimacy and pleasure, maybe sticking with snuggling or massage until you can answer some of these questions for yourself.

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