A little bit of role playing can go a long way towards a healthy sexual relationship

Have you ever fantasized about being someone else behind closed doors, in the privacy of your own bedroom, with just you and your loved one? Have you ever fantasized about sexual role playing, like being a school teacher, a burglar, a nurse, or even just a horny housewife, but were too afraid or shy to try? Well don’t be! Roleplay in relationships is actually really healthy!

Rolepaying can be a healthy sexual practice that can help stimulate your relationship. It is the acting out of you or your partner’s own sexual fantasies that can help you feel very much more safe and secure within your relationship.

Role playing can be an excellent indicator of how emotionally and physically safe you feel with your sexual partner. According to sex experts, sexual role playing can be a deeply healing experience and can deepen relationships or strengthen the individuals involved. It’s a very powerful way to express yourself and your desires.

An example of the healing powers that roleplay sex can have would be in two opposing roles- such as one dominant partner and the other submissive – and the power to change the bonds between each partner, switching back and forth between being dominant or submissive, or even if the roles stay the same.

The three most common fantasies are dominant/submissive, bisexual fantasies, and spontaneous or public sex. So if you have ever though about acting out either of these you are not as weird as you might have thought! It’s about fun and games and trying something new, so loosen up and have some fun! Sexual roleplaying in your bedroom does not mean that new lifestyle will sneak into your real life.

The key to successful, healthy role playing is trust. With it comes a better understanding of sexual confidence and lowered inhibitions through self-expression that can lead to a more emotional, intimate connection with your partner. You are both committed to each other and have grown used to being together, so shaking things up a bit can be exhilarating! Just be sure you’re presenting this as an invigorating experience, not as a substitution for something missing.