Can Role Play Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Sex is always great in the beginning of a new relationship, but without the thrill of discovery or without anything new to look forward to the lust gradually wears off. If this is happening to you, role playing can add some sexual adventure and excitement back into your sex life!

How role playing spices up your sex life:

  • It lowers your inhibitions
  • Most people don’t even try role-playing because they feel insecure or inhibited by what they think their sex partner will think of them. But they’re probably just not realizing their partner is probably as turned on and excited to try something new as they are. Just be sure to talk about what you want to do and make sure your insecurities are addressed before you dive in to try role play.

  • You can choose who you want to be (in the bedroom)
  • Role play allows you to choose whoever you want to be in the bedroom. From the policeman or woman and burglar to the teacher-student fantasy affair, or even just pretending your sex partner is a random stranger you pick up in a bar, you will always have a wide variety of role playing character options to choose from.

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  • Role play boosts your sexual confidence
  • By trying something new, you’ll be more aware of your body so sexual role playing can boost your physical self confidence. Having better confidence in your role play character can give you better all-around self confidence, which can lead to GREAT sex.

    Do it right! Try to “get into character” as much as you can – use the right costumes, makeup and props, and be sure to find the right music that fits the mood and theme you are trying to create. But don’t go too crazy at first, If you are new to role play, try to keep it simple, you can gradually amp up your sexual role play fantasies as you both get more creative, and confident, in what you want to do. And who you want to be.

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    Should You Try Cosplay Sex

    1. What Is Cosplay Sex And Should You Try It?  

      Women’s Health says that while a lot of cosplay sex (having sex while in costume) may be pretty low-key some scenarios can get a little more intense.

      If you have an active imagination and like the idea of having sex while pretending you’re someone else (or someTHING else), cosplay sex could be a fun and satisfying thing to try, says sex therapist D.H.S. Debra Laino, to Women’s Heatlth.

      When you engage in a sexual role play fantasy you probably try to bring your partner in by saying something like “let’s pretend that…”, but with cosplay sex you actually feel like you are the character from the start. So you’re not only dressed up as that character, but also play the role from foreplay to climax.

      While there are no statistics on just how common is, cosplay sex seems to be rising in popularity with events where people can engage in standard cosplay, like Comic-Con and anime conventions.

      Laino told the magazine that for some people cosplay sex is a lifestyle, preferring to have sex in character every time they have sex. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable, or you’re not into fantasy role playing, it’s probably better for you to take a pass.

      Women’s Health