We All Know What Foreplay is, But What is Afterplay

Sex Play; This is why after sex, AfterPlay is just as important as ForePlay

We all know that foreplay is the best way to get into an aroused sexual state, by heightening our intimate sensations, and that foreplay sex also increases the chances of women reaching orgasm. But apparently there’s another sex play stage that most couples are missing out on.

According to Love guru Annabelle Knight in dailystar.co.uk, “afterplay” is actually the secret to maintaining an enjoyable experience in the bedroom.

Annabelle says if you usually end up rolling over and falling asleep after having sex, then you could be damaging your relationship. But by just engaging in a bit of afterplay, which simply involves spending a little more time with your partner after you had sex, you can help to strengthen your bond.

“If you think of sex as a long distance race, then foreplay is your warm up, the race itself is your sex session, and afterplay is your cool down. When you look at it like that it’s clear that it should be an important part of your sexual scenarios.” Annbelle said.

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“By including a longer post sex routine you may find it helps to boost your interest in sex altogether, resulting in better sex, and more of it,” Annabelle said in her interview, continuing, “The core of great sex is feeling emotionally and physically attached to your partner, this is why afterplay is so important, but it’s often marginalised or completely ignored, which can lead to ill feeling between partners.”

She added that the easiest way to dabble in afterplay is simply by kissing and cuddling after having sex. Or you can shower together, or by giving each another a massage, anything to extend the time of your physical contact after sex.

Another way to extend your afterplay after sex is to talk about what turned you both on during your lovemaking session. Just by discussing it with one another can lead to even better sexual experiences in your sex play future.

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Always Do These 9 Things Before Having Sex

  1. 9 Things You Should Always Do Before Having Sex  

    If you want to really feel ready before having sex, The Huffingtonpost said you need to follow their experts’ sex tip checklist before you play:

    • Hint at sex long before you have it
    • Have condoms ready
    • Stash lube by your bedside
    • Consider the details (lighting, candles, etc..)
    • Stimulate your brain (in the hours leading up to sex)
    • Forget about everything else – Make your to-do list and then put it away
    • Feel sexy – Do one thing that makes you feel sexier
    • Breath deep – Take a few deep breaths
    • Don’t rush – Start off slow and don’t forget the foreplay

    HuffPost South Africa (blog)

Ice Cubes During Sex – 3 Techniques To Avoid

  1. Three Techniques To Avoid if You Use Ice Cubes During Sex, Expert Says

    Using temperature during sex play involves using cold or hot objects to arouse sensitive areas of your bodies, and naturally ice cubes are an easy way to get a cool sensations. If you use ice cubes during sex, elitedaily.com says there are both safe and possibly dangerous ways to play with them, listing three techniques to avoid when using ice in the bedroom:

    1. Using ice straight out of the freezer.

    2. Inserting ice internally.

    3. Mistaking tingling sensations for arousal.

    In essence, before using ice on sensitive areas, first let it thaw out slightly, says sex educator Crista Crista, “t’s hard to tell the difference between fun shocking cold and damaging shocking cold.”

    Crista said you should proceed with “excessive caution” when using ice internally during sex play, and the ice should never be inserted for more than five minutes,

    Also, don’t get frostbite! “Pins and needles” sensations, burning or stinging are all warning signs of frostbite.

    A better way to use ice cubes into foreplay or sex play, elitedaily.com recommends, is to run the slightly melted ice lightly over lips, nipples, earlobes, wrists and fingers, inner thighs, down the spine and lower back and along the bottom feet.

     Elite Daily

Naughty games to excite your sex life

  1. Naughty games that you can play to excite your sex life  

    Interesting news story in the Health and Lifestyle section of the Covaipost.com, a Coimbatore, India based online news portal, on ways to better excite your sex life.

    It isn’t easy to be sexually excited all the time, and sexual happiness is something that you need to work on. Love can be boring sometimes without the zing in a relationship so they suggest trying some fun sex games to not only excite your sex life, but to keep the love, and lust, alive:

    Instead of the routine foreplay, try something new, have webcam sex! Even if you’re sitting next to each other, turn on the webcam and talk dirty.

    Role Playing: Some people like imagining having sex with a character even if it involves imagining forced sex. So, if your wife is into doctors, give her an exam!

    Massages always work. Grab your moisturizer and start moving your hands!

    Rapid fire in the dark: Get naked and start making out in the dark and ask dirty, intimate questions to each other.

    Cross dress in each other’s clothes, It can be fun to wear each other’s clothes before a steamy sexual encounter. Disrobe each other slowly!

    Pretend to be drunk. You can act completely wasted, giving you the opportunity to be aggressive, passive, resistant or just plain crazy.

    Read erotic portions of storis from magazines or books that can arouse your interest in sex right away.

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