Can a leather convention can teach us about sex?

  1. What a leather convention can teach the rest of us about sex – and consent 

    Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, an annual three-day long celebration of the leather community now in its 48th year, is one of the hottest leather/fetish events in North America. Every year thousands of Leathermen, Skins, Gearheads, Kinksters, Rubber Freaks, and even curious novices from all over the world come to the nation’s capitol for a weekend of hot horny fun.

    The event, held January 18-20 at the Hyatt Regency on Capital Hill, celebrated various sexual kinks, many centered on leather and toys in a conference-like demonstrations about suspension (BDSM where you’re bound and hung) and electro (BDSM involving electric shocks), buying handcrafted leather goods and sex toys, and, of course, partying. (Actual sex was not part of the convention but no doubt took place in private.)

    The event is a predominantly LGBTQ centric, but there are also people from every gender and sexuality type.

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