Why is there so much celebrity nudity in upcoming movies?

  1. Why so much celebrity nudity in upcoming flicks? 

    “The Shape of Water” has Sally Hawkins in full-frontal nudity. In “Call Me by Your Name,” both of the main actors are also flapping around naked.

    Pagesix.com reports recent publicly made comments from main stream Hollywood celebrities that endorse nudity in film:

    Kate Winslet reportedly said: “I’m an actress who absolutely believes in exposing myself. I like exposing myself.”

    Demi Moore: “Nudity’s beautiful. Male actors don’t show their bits as much as women on screen probably because their bits are ugly.”

    Kate Hudson: “I love nudity. I grew up in an open family. My mother always celebrated the female body. I have small breasts but never feel nude scenes are gratuitous.”

    Kristin Scott Thomas: “I haven’t this Anglo-Saxon problem with nude scenes . . . there’s a sense of power when you’re stark naked and everyone else is cowering. It’s nothing to do with sex . . . It’s having the balls to do it.”

    Julianne Moore: “Of course I’ll take my pants off. The only way to become a serious actress is to take your clothes off.”

    Ralph Fiennes: “For ‘Red Dragon,’ I was asked if I wanted clothing to protect my modesty. No. It’s ridiculous. Getting out of bed wearing underwear after sleeping with a girl is not realistic. Nudity’s no big deal to me.”

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