6 Good Ways to Avoid Any Unwanted Sexual Infections

  1. Bedroom Best Practices to Avoid Any Unwanted Infections  

    Emily Morse, the founder and host of the Sex With Emily podcast, told popsugar.com, “Go for the triple play when it comes to preventing infection: wash up, wrap up, and flush out.”

    The doctor of human sexuality continued, “First, before any touching starts, make sure both you and your partner have clean hands — especially under the nails. Next, use a condom, for obvious reasons. Finally, make sure to pee before AND after penetration to ward off UTIs. Of course, you can also suggest some shower sex to maximize cleanliness.”

    Psychologist and sex expert Antonia Hall added important tips that everyone can do to help avoid unwanted infections from sexual activity:

    • Wash Your Hands Prior to Getting Intimate
    • Pee Before and After
    • Don’t Do Anything Else After Anal Without Cleaning Up First
    • Avoid Oral Sex With Unfamiliar Partners
    • Wear a Condom During Sex
    • Wash Up After Sex (and clean your sex toys right away)


Amy Smart Defends Sexual Harassment Allegations by Her Husband’s Former Makeup Artist

  1. Amy Smart Defends Husband Carter Oosterhouse Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations  

    The 41 year young star of Just Friends star, Amy Smart, addressed the accusation made by her husband’s (HGTV star Carter Oosterhouse) former makeup artist, claiming he coerced her into performing repeated acts of oral sex while working on the series Carter Can in 2008.

    Amy Smart said in her long Instagram message, “When you are in a CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, then you need to take responsibility for engaging in that and not play victim.”

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Sex, drugs and disease: Party and play

  1. Sex, drugs and disease: The deadly mix (Part 1: Party and play)  

    Five naked men sleeping on two couches and on the carpet were captured in a series of photos on a mobile phone. He was the first to wake up the morning after an all-night party so he took pictures before leaving. One of the naked men is a celebrity.

    The photos on his phone are for “a few-minute-keepsakes” he promised himself he would delete and not show anyone.

    “Party and play,” also called P&P or PnP, is what it’s called with men who meet to have casual nonstop sex and use a a mixture of drugs, liquor or energy drinks to lower their lower inhibitions, and engage in group sex. PnP has many names, including “partee’ and play,” “chemsex session,” “fly high,” “rave,” “slam,” “chill” and “circuit party,” and the drugs reportedly boost physical activity and prolongs penile erections for sustained sex with multiple partners (everyone in the party!), often done without condoms. They engage in “bareback,” during fellatio, blowjobs, oral sex, and penetrative anal sex, hence the term “bareback orgy.

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Melanie Martinez’s Accuser Reveals Why She Didn’t Speak Up Sooner

  1. Melanie Martinez’s Accuser Reveals Why She Chose Not To Speak Up  

    Singer Timothy Heller, 22, in a story published by celebrityinsider.org, said the main reason why she didn’t come forward sooner with her sexual assault allegation accusing Melanie Martinez of rape two years ago was because Melanie wasn’t a man.

    Heller said Martinez suggested they play a game with handcuffs and the interaction turned into something that she didn’t expect. She “laughed along at first,” but Martinez, also a singer, became increasingly serious and sexual. Heller said the he “talked about the appearance” of her breasts and begged to touch them before Martinez allegedly violated her with a sex toy after performing oral sex on her.

    Heller said she felt a “sick need” to protect Melanie like other victims of rape and abuse.

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  2. Melanie Martinez’s Rape Accuser Timothy Heller Stayed Silent Because ‘The Voice’ Alum Wasn’t a Man  Us Weekly
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