Role play in foreplay enhances sexual experience

A user question in the column ‘Putting Dr G on the spot’” in the “health & wellness section of the, a recently married women trying to conceive is concerned about her husband’s sexual performance. She wrote, “I think my husband is nervous and anxious, especially due to pressure from the family to have a baby. He tends to rush into the “business” and this can be a turn off for me, resulting in disappointment.”

“I initiated sex a few times, asking him to focus on foreplay and take things slower. I even suggested role-play in the foreplay to help us relax…My husband was excited with the whole idea, but simply clueless of where to start… what scenario would be best for role-play for beginners like us?

Dr.George Lee, a consultant Urologist and Clinical Associate Professor, answered that sexual role-play during foreplay is generally a good way to overcome such inhibition.

“Foreplay is generally considered intimate behavior between couples to generate emotional and physical readiness for sexual activities” Dr. G responded, “The initiation is by far the most important step in foreplay… The process can begin with non-physical gesture of whispering, teasing and flirting to generate sexual interests.”

Dr. G said it’s not uncommon for inexperienced newlywed couples to have sexual intimacy problems due to shyness and inhibitions, and since these sexual inhibitions can create a negative impact, certain people can feel uncomfortable and even think acts of kissing and caressing are intrusive. “Role play in foreplay is generally a good way to overcome such inhibition.”, Dr. George said.

He explained, “Physiologically, role-play of different scenario creates certain levels of confidence and trust between couples to intensify intimacy. Role-play can have strong erotic elements, involving couples to act out roles in sexual fantasy. Typical fantasy would be medical fetishism of doctor and nurse, or office scenario of executive and secretary.”

“The success of role-play in foreplay to enhance sexual experience is only achievable when both parties are willing to communicate and explore.”

The doctor quoted former NBA professional basketball player Michael Jordan, saying, “Just play, have fun and enjoy the game!”

Dr. G’s advice on role playing: “Just play, have fun and enjoy each other!”

Navy officer rape case: Officer was engaged in ‘bizarre role playing sexual game’ with junior officer

Attorney: Navy officer accused of rape was engaged in ‘bizarre role playing sexual game’ with junior officer

A Navy commander facing charges for allegedly raping a female subordinate in 2016 was actually “engaged in a bizarre role playing sexual game” with the …

Cmdr. John M. Neuhart is facing potential court-martial in connection to the incident, which allegedly took place at the woman’s San Diego residence after the two were out drinking.

Neuhart’s civilian attorney, Michael Hanzel, said the accuser “created this allegation of sexual assault,” but were role playing, “When you look at it out of context, it might seem jarring or shocking,” Hanzel said in an email to Navy Times recounting his argument at the hearing. “But this is role playing, and both of them are participating in it, and both have been for a lot of the night.”

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How to revive your sex life

How to revive your sex life  Pune Mirror

The start of a new year is as good a time as any to make sex fun once again.

The Pune Mirror says to look at sex differently, try and look at it in a new way and see how it feels. “Be upfront about your sexual needs. If you know your body and how it functions, it is easier to communicate with your partner.”

Don’t be afraid to try role playing, new sexual positions, and get physical. And don’t be too shy to try new sex toys.

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After ‘sex puppy’ role playing rape arrest man ‘woofs’ at police

  1. After ‘sex puppy’ role playing rape arrest, he answered cops with a ‘woof,’ they say  

    Two men from northwest Arkansas were accused of drugging and raping a victim they were “grooming to be their sex puppy”.

    The 26 and 31 year olds were charged with rape and false imprisonment after police say they admitted to drugging and beating a victim in what they called a “pup play training” role-play scenario. The victim escaped from from the home where the abuse took place, running 2.5 miles on foot before someone in a nearby town let the victim in to call the police. The gender or identity of the victim, who was wearing only a jock strap and a blanket and had severe whip marks on the back and buttocks, was not released by the police.

    When the police asked one of the offenders whether he understood his rights, the man answered with a “woof”, saying he has three personalities: a sex puppy, a sex slave and a person. By answering with a “woof”, he told the police he meant that his sex puppy personality understood the question and the legal implications.

    Fort Worth Star Telegram