After ‘sex puppy’ role playing rape arrest man ‘woofs’ at police

  1. After ‘sex puppy’ role playing rape arrest, he answered cops with a ‘woof,’ they say  

    Two men from northwest Arkansas were accused of drugging and raping a victim they were “grooming to be their sex puppy”.

    The 26 and 31 year olds were charged with rape and false imprisonment after police say they admitted to drugging and beating a victim in what they called a “pup play training” role-play scenario. The victim escaped from from the home where the abuse took place, running 2.5 miles on foot before someone in a nearby town let the victim in to call the police. The gender or identity of the victim, who was wearing only a jock strap and a blanket and had severe whip marks on the back and buttocks, was not released by the police.

    When the police asked one of the offenders whether he understood his rights, the man answered with a “woof”, saying he has three personalities: a sex puppy, a sex slave and a person. By answering with a “woof”, he told the police he meant that his sex puppy personality understood the question and the legal implications.

    Fort Worth Star Telegram

New harassment claims made against BC man with baby role-playing fetish

  1. New harassment claims made against BC man with baby role-playing fetish 

    Several women in B.C. who are massage therapists that run home businesses, speaking on the condition of anonymity, have said they were repeatedly harassed by a Vancouver Island University student that wanted to pretend he was a baby, and engage with them in mother-baby role playing.

    The student, Michael Sutherland, has been diagnosed with paraphilic infantilism, the desire to act like an infant.

    One woman said Sutherland’s behaviour during a massage became more and more bizarre, “As soon as he asked if I had friends that he could nurse from, that crossed the line for me,” she said.

    Another claimed Sutherland often sucked on a soother, and brought stuffed animals to the massages and asked to read him bedtime stories.

    Sutherland denied the allegations against him, and none of the allegations against Sutherland have been proven in a court of law. “I’m special needs and any sexual harassment claims against me from any women are false, being that I am asexual too, so I have no interest in sex”, Sutherland said.

     CTV News

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