Can certain types of food boost your sex drive?

  1. How can you boost your sex drive?  

    London nutritionist Lily Soutter examined scientific evidence on aphrodisiacs, and found that there is little suggesting that eating certain foods will boost your libido, but managing stress and not drinking too much alcohol can help to get you in the mood.

    Studies found no significant differences in sexual arousal for those who consumed chocolate daily versus those who did’t.

    Wine was thought to help you think sexy thoughts, but evidence said this could just be because it lowers your inhibitions.

    Oysters are probably the most famous aphrodisiac because they are rich in zinc, a critical mineral for the production of sperm and testosterone, but there aren’t many studies directly linking zinc to sexual health.

    Soutter concluded that there’s little evidence linking edible aphrodisiac to libido, and more research is needed before making conclusions.

    Daily Mail