12 sex games to spice up long winter nights

  1. Forget bingeing on box sets! Tracey Cox reveals 12 must-try sex games to spice up long winter nights  

    From making obscene phone calls to playing a sexy board game, relationship expert Tracey Cox lists 12 sex games to get you through the cold winter months.

    1) Make obscene phone calls – Cox advises one partner to make an obscene phone call to the other, like asking “What are you wearing?”.

    2) Dressing for sex – Suggest wearing something sexy when you go out, like a sexy bra, to remind you of the great sex you have have when you get home

    3) Tell a sexy story – Write down an erotic story (based on you and your partner), going into as much detail as possible, and leave it where the other can find it.

    4) Record yourselves having sex – Then play it back when you’re somewhere you can’t fool around

    5) Flash – Turn out the lights and light up one area of your own body with a flaslight. “Each lit body part must be touched, stroked and/or licked for two minutes, then the torch gets passed onto the next person.”

    6) Play dress up – Nurse outfits, cat suits, french maid – wear any role-playing outfits to push you out of your comfort zones.

    7) Fantasy dice – Write down and number six fantasies, when the dice lands on a number, they have to complete the corresponding fantasy.

    8) Be a sex therapist – Call from a separate room and act as a sex therapist, giving sex advice on how to pleasure his or her partner.

    9) No hands – Tie your partner’s hands together and ask him or her to seduce you.

    10) Play guinea pig – Line up all your sex toys for when your partner gets home, then try them out out and have him/her rate them.

    11) Play a board game – choose games that list sex activities you must perform on your partner.

    12) Play with food – Smear it, drip it, lick it.

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Can certain types of food boost your sex drive?

  1. How can you boost your sex drive?  

    London nutritionist Lily Soutter examined scientific evidence on aphrodisiacs, and found that there is little suggesting that eating certain foods will boost your libido, but managing stress and not drinking too much alcohol can help to get you in the mood.

    Studies found no significant differences in sexual arousal for those who consumed chocolate daily versus those who did’t.

    Wine was thought to help you think sexy thoughts, but evidence said this could just be because it lowers your inhibitions.

    Oysters are probably the most famous aphrodisiac because they are rich in zinc, a critical mineral for the production of sperm and testosterone, but there aren’t many studies directly linking zinc to sexual health.

    Soutter concluded that there’s little evidence linking edible aphrodisiac to libido, and more research is needed before making conclusions.

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