Melanie Martinez’s Accuser Reveals Why She Didn’t Speak Up Sooner

  1. Melanie Martinez’s Accuser Reveals Why She Chose Not To Speak Up  

    Singer Timothy Heller, 22, in a story published by, said the main reason why she didn’t come forward sooner with her sexual assault allegation accusing Melanie Martinez of rape two years ago was because Melanie wasn’t a man.

    Heller said Martinez suggested they play a game with handcuffs and the interaction turned into something that she didn’t expect. She “laughed along at first,” but Martinez, also a singer, became increasingly serious and sexual. Heller said the he “talked about the appearance” of her breasts and begged to touch them before Martinez allegedly violated her with a sex toy after performing oral sex on her.

    Heller said she felt a “sick need” to protect Melanie like other victims of rape and abuse.

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