Eau Claire schools to add and role playing scenarios to sex ed class

Eau Claire schools will add scenarios and role playing to sexual education classes  WQOW TV News 18

In the wake of the ‘Me Too’ movement, the Eau Claire School District is taking a new approach to sex ed.

Director of Academic Services David Oldenberg said they’ve always taught consent because it’s part of state standards and they’re adding an emphasis on role playing and scenarios to the lessons.

Oldenberg said human growth and development classes start in 5th grade and those students will be learning more about boundaries and how to communicate when something doesn’t seem right, and said those boundaries include determining what they consent to, and that it’s okay to set boundaries.

“When you give students the opportunity to role play, to practice the skill in a safe environment with a caring adult and with peers that are also on this learning journey, students really have an opportunity to be comfortable, to be transparent, to build that relationship and practice the skill,” Oldenberg said, and added “one of the scenarios students will learn about is what a healthy relationship looks like.”

Oldenberg also said students will also be taught how to communicate consent.

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UN: revised international technical guidance on sexuality education

  1. UN issues more progressive guidelines on sex education  

    The revised international technical guidance on sexuality education is the update to initial guidelines published in 2009, aimed at education policymakers to help them design and deliver more accurate, comprehensive, and judgement-free education programs about sex and relationships to young people.

    The United Nations has come out with updated guidance to encourage education ministers, especially in developing countries, to invest further in comprehensive sexuality education for young people and offer advice on when and how it can most effectively be delivered.

    The voluntary guidelines give a more progressive approach than before, promoting a broad and more positive understanding of what can be included in comprehensive sexuality education, with a focus on gender, avoiding early pregnancy, and rights.