How to Role Play Really Well in 2023

Updated December 23, 2022: Here’s how to role play really well 

Whatever kind of sex related or kinky role play starts from one place – your imagination!

Whether you get elaborate or keep it simple, role playing is all really just about doing what turns you on. They list a few ways that you can try to help get you started:

1. Think about your fantasies
Think about what turns you on, in role play you’re limited only by your imagination.

2. Tell your partner about your fantasies
Some role play fantasies can be spontaneous, others need a bit of preparation.

3. Make it kinky
And about who has the power. One of you has power over the other and can have your way with the other; teacher and student, officer and criminal?

4. Start slow
You might feel uncomfortable at first, even if the idea of it turns you on. So start small and slow. Try sexting your partner about your fantasy first, before you get home from work.

5. Get dressed
If dressing up helps you get into character, go for it! If you’re not sure what to go for, try the old classics; House maid, doctor and naughty nurse, sexy secretary, horny hitchhiker, or cop and robber.