Forget role playing! experts say these pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual stamina

  1. Forget role play – these 4 pelvic floor exercises will transform your sexual prowess, experts say 

    The pelvic floor muscles act as a trampoline that stretches from the tailbone to the pubic bone, and spans the width between the sitting bones. Besides acting like a “floor” to the pelvis and supporting its organs (bladder, bowel and uterus in women, bladder and bowel in men) they also play a big role in penetrative sex.

    Experts say when people work of these muscles, they get stronger and bulkier, which, in turn, can make sex much more satisfying.

    “This can also impact how erect a penis is and it’s blood flow — whether it’s a pumping sensation or a static sensation,” said personal trainer Michelle Weber.

    Exercises people can do to strengthen their pelvic floor and boost their sex lives include ; Pelvic floor elevator, Toe taps, Dead bug and the Hypoppressive technique .

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