The Top 6 Outfits Brits Said They Want Their Partners to Wear in Bed

66% of Brits want their sexual partners to dress up with them in the bedroom, and also said by overwhelming majority they really enjoyed when they did it, and most will do it again. Here are the top costumes they love to wear according to research by

  • French Maid
  • PlayBoy Bunny
  • Fire Fighter
  • School Uniform
  • Police Officer
  • Super Hero

The French Maid outfit was the most-sought after look of all when it comes to sex, with one in five people preferring it. Sailors, bin men (garbage men in the states) and landlords also made their top role play outfit list, but they weren’t entirely sure what a landlord outfit entails.

They also gave a good tip, regarding dressing up as a Super Hero, if you are thinking about going for the Wolverine look, be careful, “sharp objects and genitals” do not mix.