Sex education teacher arrested after filming sexual abuse of girl in his classroom

  1. Sex education teacher locked up after filming abuse of girl in his classroom  

    Scott Lynch, a male teacher in Flintshire, Whales, has been sentenced for five years in prison after he took a teenage girl into his classroom after school and engaged in sexual acts with her. Lynch admitted he had fantasies about rape and incest and got her to role play that she was his daughter.

    Mr. Lynch filmed her performing a sex act on him, which continued into further sexual activity in a motel room, and sexual intercourse at his home, and in his car.

    Scott Lynch, who admitted 19 charges, was a former banker before changing careers as a teacher. He was also appointed the head of personal and social education at the school where he was employed, which included sex education and the responsible use of social media.

    Lynch was also a liaison with the local police officer on behalf of the school, but although admitting he had fantasies and a sexual interest in children, he denied that was why he had retrained as a teacher.

    Daily Post North Wales

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