Couples and Women LOVE the ‘Reverse Wheelbarrow’ Sex Position for Better Orgasms

  1. Couples love the ‘Reverse Wheelbarrow’ sex position – and it gives women BETTER orgasms 

    Sticking to your same sexual routines can make your love life feel a little stale. But thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to re-ignite the fire in the bedroom, like trying out new sex positions!

    The Daily Star suggests that if experimenting with new sex positions can make you feel a little intimidating, you can start with making small changes here and there. One way to do that is to adapt sex positions you’re already familiar with, like tweaking the wheelbarrow position, so it’s easier and more enjoyable.

    The wheelbarrow requires a good level of athleticism. To do it correctly one partner has to lie flat with their hands in press up position.The ‘penetrater’ then lifts up the legs before doing their thing. Because the move requires a lot of balance and upper body strength it just isn’t for everyone.

    But thankfully, as sex expert Tracey Cox said in the Daily Mail, there’s a way to make it easier and more enjoyable. Tracey advises women to lie on their backs instead of using their arms for balance. Then, “He kneels on a hard surface, keeping his back straight, in praying position. You lie in front of him, genitals facing him.”

    “He then lifts your legs up to his shoulders, so your weight is supported on your shoulders. Holding his erection downwards, he penetrates and holds you in position by wrapping his arms around your upper thighs.”

    For women that find it difficult to reach an orgasm this position could be the one for her,. It allows for short and shallow thrusts, targeting some of the most sensitive areas of the body.

    Ms. Cox said, “The Reverse Wheelbarrow looks impressive and because penetration is shallow, the focus stays on the head of his penis (the most sensitive part) and the first inch of the vaginal entrance, which is where all your nerve endings are located.”

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     Daily Star

5 Things That Can Impact Women’s Orgasms says that if you want to keep your sex life steamy, then you better pay attention to the following random, science-backed factors that will increase your chances of catching that elusive orgasm:

1) FLIRTY SEXTS says women who had orgasms more frequently were more likely to swap flirty calls and emails with their partner about something naughty they wanted to do later.

The online women’s portal said according to research, how well you communicate in your relationship also plays a big role in the likelihood of reaching orgasm, “Explicit and direct communication with one’s partner is key.”

A 2016 study published by ‘Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology’ found that your sexual self-esteem is more important for your orgasms than how often you masturbate, or how many sex partners you have.

Many women that have orgasms have learned how to “concentrate completely” whilelove-making.

How satisfied you are with your relationship is tied to your odds of reaching orgasm.

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