The 10 Best Places To Have Sex In Public

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  1. The Top 10 Places To Have Sex In Public, According To Science 

    A survey of 1,000 people that had fantasized about having sex outside in the public, or actually had outdoor sex, revealed the best place to have sex in the public is in a public park.

    26.1 percent of people agreed that some type of public parks is the best spot to have sex outside. The researchers also said most people like to have sex in the evening, with 73 percent of people admitting that’s their ideal time for sex.

    Sex inside of a car was the next favorite location, with 16.7 of people preferring their automobiles for having outdoors sex.

    Coming in 3rd was having sex on the beach or in the ocean, at 12.7%.

    6% said preferred having sex in a public bathroom was their thing.

    2.6% liked the idea of having sex in a movie theater.

    2.4% said they fantasized or had sex on a college campus

    2% said having sex in a public dressing room did it for them.

    1.8% percent of the respondents admitting to having sex in a swimming pool.’

    1.6% preferred sex on a balcony.

    Ánd finally bringing up the rear, only 1.4% of people polled admitted that having sex in the workplace was the best public place they’d want to do it in.

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