Will Kim Cattrall Approve of Christina Aguilera Playing Samantha On New Sex And The City

Sex in the city

  1. Kim Cattrall Gives Christina Aguilera The Thumbs Up To Play Samantha On A ‘Sex And The City’ Revival  

    While there is no official news on the story that Christina Aguilera will play the next Samantha on Sex in the City, only rumors, but it’s getting some legs. Kim Cattrall recently remarked on The Atlantic about the decision not to continue playing her role on the hit HBO series Sex and the City, saying that she had taken the character of Samantha as far as she could.

    Samantha makes a bombshell confession! Sex and the City Parody (Christina Aguilera)


  2. SATC 20th Anniversary Collection – Cynthia For New York Campaign Store  Cynthia for New York – Campaign Store – Cynthia For New York Campaign Store
  3. Sex and the City is too good to be written off as just ‘dated’  The Guardian
  4. Long Live Samantha Jones  The Atlantic
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